Why Digital Signage Works

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Digital Signage Motivates and Inspires

Digital Billboard Signage

Why It Works

Make no mistake, digital signage is the fastest growing form of advertising and communication between two parties.  Digital Signage improves the experience of customers, employees, visitors & employees, simply, Why It Works.

The current “static” signs posted interior & exterior deliver one message. This form is becoming passe’ as the more dynamic, engaging motion digital signs are becoming the standard for communication, delivering the best customer experience for Brick-and-mortar businesses. 

Digital Signage is designed to grab the attention of the consumer, customer, employee or client.  They are solely installed to deliver messages, improving the viewers experience.  This is accomplished via graphics, videos, infographics, surveys or 3D, on single screens to large video walls.

Why is Digital Signage so engaging?

The number 1 reason digital signage, Why It Works: 

Motion captures the audience’s attention!  

People are more interested in viewing a digital screen vs. traditional formats.  Consider the flashing sale offers, the calming suggestive colors, the calm assurance that a product or service displays will attract every time. The average attention span is 2.8-8 seconds. Digital signage offers the best brand awareness by displaying your company logo and name, lasting in recall over a month. To capture the attention of your target audience is the first step in engaging a response and direction towards a purchase. 

With many consumers accustomed to accessing information on screens of all sizes, it makes sense to add the digital dimension to your space.

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Those businesses with large inventories, low foot traffic, there is no better method of getting your message out than digital signage. 

Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital signage is such a powerful medium to deliver a business message, every business segment can benefit from the directness of the message to customers.  This is especially powerful for brick-and-mortar shops and businesses.  Local is a huge recipient of the benefits  of digital signage.  

With Digital signage, the intersection of the physical and digital worlds, meeting on the screen, offers a local part of the necessary digital world where people are seeking and accustomed to. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Digital messages inform, entertain, communicate,educate on the current and forthcoming events, releases, sales, services and product details. 

Another fantastic benefit for the advertiser is the ability to change the ads quickly.  Regardless of the location, the ads can be changed quickly, instantly from a remote location.  This is an important note for businesses who are building their brand, the changes requested for brand awareness can be realized quickly, keeping a brand consistent across multiple locations.  The same can be said for the opposite effect, the sales, messages can be pulled to be replaced quickly by new messaging.

Reaching New Customers

While the traditional advertising with radio, newspapers and mailers, product displays are becoming a past event, digital signage has a huge advantage, it offers movement.  Digital signs capture an average 400% more views than static signage.  Atlas Virtual Media offers a large network of indoor screens for local business brand awareness.  We are an affordable alternative to facebook or google ads, in addition, digital signage can be part of a dynamic omnichannel digital marketing strategy.  Use the digital screens and online ads for a dynamic approach, one that will surely reach and engage your audience. Contact us for more information.

Retention and Recall

Creating a motion ad is a wonderful communicator in and of itself, but to motivate a customer to take an action is the goal for most businesses.  Make a purchase, fill out a form, join a newsletter or email collection.  Educating and entertainment may be a goal once the brand is solid in a customer base daily recall, but to motivate is to create a neural pathway that recognizes the brand.  Sending out messages of upcoming events, sales in-store specials, instant events and promotions is fantastic for the business and the consumer, this gets the most attention in motion. Visuals get 94% more views than text-based information. 

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To illustrate the power of digital signage:

83% of surveyed recalled at least one ad over the past 30 days.  65% recalled 2 and 47% recalled 3.

What is even more exciting, 1 in 5 people talked about seeing an ad on a digital billboard screen with someone else, spreading word of mouth information to others who were not knowledgeable about the product or service.  This is the power of digital movement, bright graphics and penetrating content.   76% of American consumers enter stores they have never visited prior simply due to the digital signage recall.  

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Indoor digital billboards have the unique ability for customizing the message. Where a problem exists, unique and instant changes can be made to secure a solution. If you have an overstock of products, a flash sale can be created and displayed to an abundance of viewers across a region, thus driving sales to spike and solving the over stock issue. Digital signage has an astounding recall rate of 83%. This figure is almost double the information retention rate for traditional advertising.  The digital technology will attract and engage your customer, your customer’s friend or family and drive sales up.

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Retail Business benefits from Digital Signage

Atlas Virtual Media looks forward to designing your advertisement and teaming to attract more business to your location and website.  We have the experience and technology to showcase your business in front of 1000’s of views weekly.  Our packages are literally smart money for your business.

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