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There is no doubt about it, digital advertising is here to stay. With 75% of viewers recalling a billboard this past month & 60% noticed a billboard this past week.

What are the messages with the highest recall?

82%Brand Advertising

35%Amber Alerts

24%Community Event Info

18%Weather Alert

Over 1 in 5 (22%) changed their plans based on the advertisement displayed on a digital billboard, giving clear direction to the advertiser that their foot traffic and online community will be growing.

71% of respondents to a recent survey said “advertisements on digital billboards standout more than online”. This is due to digital fatigue on the internet.

What happens after a viewer sees an ad? The viewers stated they “recommended to others, talked about what they saw with family & friends, visited the ad’s website, posted on social media, searched online for more details about messages posted.”

How does this affect your brand? Hands down, the indoor billboards are being viewed & acted upon. This is really awesome news for local businesses.

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