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Talk directly to your Target Customers where they work, dine & shop

Grow Your Business Base

Increase traffic to your locations & website community

Host Partner Opportunity

Become a member of AVM Host Partner Program

This involves zero risk or financial expenditure for you or your business!

Atlas Virtual Media digital signage will not interfere with your current entertainment or marketing efforts, in fact our service will become a key player in your omnichannel marketing process.

Benefits of the Host Partner Program:
Free professional business marketing on AVM’s premium digital advertising network.

Our advertising service includes the following:
Outside Screens– One (1) 30 second motion advertisements for use outside your business, reaching new & past customers.

Inside Screens– One (1) 20 second motion advertisement for use inside your business reaching present customers.

Our Commitment at No Cost to your business! This opportunity to participate in the Host Partner Program is worth thousands of dollars per year in direct advertising services for your business, at NO COST!

Included:Installation & Maintenance of all equipment / Monthly Reports on ad performance / All Ad Creation using your Brand Content

Your Committment:

Allowing us to share a small amount of wall space in your store or business & Partner with us for a minimum of (1) one year.

How Does The Program Work?

Our process has been successfully accepted by businesses like yours who are experiencing a surge in customer traffic and website growth, due advertising exposure.

So how does it work? We suggest starting off by requesting more information on our contact form. We verify your business is a qualified business, meeting our guideline of minimum foot traffic, location & dwell time.

We begin with our contract review, content acquisition for our ad creation team, schedule the installation of screens, create your ads and add your ad to the playlist loop.

We offer you (2) screens for ad display. One in your location & one in an exterior location in your target radius. Your ad becomes part of our Network of display ads, getting over 1,000’s of views per month at absolutely no cost.

That’s It! NoFluff-No Gimmicks-NoCost

graphic of process for host partners colorful and cheerful infographic

Want to Expand Your Customer Base?

Benefits of Host Partnership

No Cost Digital Signage

Increase your revenue with no risk and no additional advertising cost

Eco-Conscious – best for environment

No Paper waste, digitally created & updated. No carbon footprint, all cloud based.

Grow Your Customer Base

Maximum exposure infront of your target audience. Ad is displayed 1,000’s of views per month

Clear and Easy to Read

Impactful, motion ads promote your products & services and events

Full Installation & Upkeep

Our professional teams handle from install to display and monthly reports to help with your marketing process

Updates & Refresh 4x Yearly

Have new products? Seasonal changes? No problem-we offer 4x annual changes at No Charge

Screen Display for Advertisers & Host Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the Host Partnership Program Agreement?

We offer a year agreement for our Host Partners. We consider (12) months from date of signing to one year to the date. We like to review the past years accomplishments & successes with our HPs. Contact Us Today!

Are there any costs attached to joining the HPP?

There are NO costs attached to the agreement, we provide the screen(s), all hardware & software, installation & maintenance. Plus, we create 2 motion ads to be played on our TV Network. Many of our Hosts have increased the number of screens for an additional fee, but this is not required to become a partner with

What are your other services which you offer your HP & Advertisers?

We offer several packages for advertisers & Host Partners to expand their reach of impressions. As a HP, you receive (2) screens at (2) different locations with your initial agreement. You can increase the number of screens, as many as you would like or try one at a time. In addition we offer a base screen banner ad which plays more often than the ads & we offer the weather sponsorship. You can opt. to become Exclusive, meaning no competition of like businesses in a microtone (5 screens). This is an excellent option to showcase your business without competition.

For Digital Marketing Services:

Google Business Profile Management(formerly Google My Business) – servicing your LOCAL SEO & management of your Google presence. Excellent option to reach more customers.

Website Creation & Management – individual proposal per requirements of client

Can I get more than 2 screens to display my ads on?

Yes, you sure can! You have the option to select additional ad space on more screens, enlarging your reach of your Target Audience. The cost is pennies per impression, the indoor Billboard Screens NEVER gets turned off. Why not expand onto the entire TV Network? We are expanding to 500 screens by 2024.

Where are your locations?

We break our communities into “zones” of (5) screens in a 3-5 mile radius with mixed businesses. We are located in Central Virginia, primarily between Caroline Co and Northern Virginia. We place our screens in high traffic locations such as restaurants, medical urgent care, gyms to name a few. We review where your highest views will be, based on your advertising goals. Your ad is guaranteed exposure with your target audience. Is there a better way to grow your customer base?

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